Ceremony types

We can create different types of ceremonies, choose the best one for you!

Symbolic wedding ceremony

A symbolic ceremony offers the most choice, it allows you to get married in any location and hold the ceremony as you wish. Whether it is a stunning location in the mountains, sandy beach, church, hotel or private villa.

A symbolic wedding ceremony can be performed in English, German, French and several other languages. We can offer the participation of our celebrant or you can invite one of your close friends or family members to perform the reading.

Legal marriage

Depending on the region, a civil wedding ceremony can be organised in any accessible place or in a few authorised wedding venues (both indoor and outdoor). The civil wedding ceremony usually lasts about 15 minutes and can be supplemented by additional vows that the groom and bride read to each other. Depending on the town hall, it is possible to have the mayor’s reading in the Greek language with translation into your language or the ceremony can be held in English.

Please contact us to learn what documents you need for the legal marriage.

Religious wedding ceremony in or by the Church

We can arrange for you to have a religious wedding ceremony in the chosen church or on its grounds. Depending on the religion and the chosen region there are certain rules to follow, please contact us and we will advise you according to your case.

Ceremony with specific cultural or religious rituals

There are so many nationalities and each of them has very specific traditions and sacred rituals. We can organize any traditional or religious ceremony based on your religion and culture. For example, we have organized Hindu ceremonies where Hindu priests were invited, the ceremonies followed all the rituals and traditions. Contact us and we will advise you according to your case.

Vow renewal

A vow renewal is a symbolic ceremony for those who are already married and wish to reaffirm their love by telling meaningful vows once again. The vow renewal ceremony can be performed at any location and in any way you desire. It has the same flexibility as the symbolic ceremony mentioned above.

Other interesting ideas

There are many other unusual and creative ideas for performing the ceremony. Even if it is not part of your culture, you can have interesting rituals and symbolic elements from around the world. For example, in traditional Mexican, Filipino, and Spanish culture, couples can celebrate unity through a lasso ceremony, or “el lazo” ceremony. Or wrap yourselves in blankets, this custom derives from Native American culture and involves wrapping a quilt around the newlyweds’ shoulders to symbolize warmth and togetherness as they take on the future together.

Another interesting idea is to create something together during the ceremony. For example, a Time Capsule, which you can open in the year of the anniversary, or if you have artistic skills, you can paint a picture together!

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